Ceramir Crown & Bridge Quikcap - Use the best cement every time!
Ceramir Crown & Bridge Quikcap 

Always opt for the top-notch cement – Ceramir Crown & Bridge. It's the sole solution that impeccably seals marginal gaps. Bagging the prestigious title of the most innovative cement for 5 consecutive years, it stands out with its tissue-friendly nature and superior handling.

Ceramir Crown & Bridge QuikCap sets itself apart with its 100% resin-free composition and user-friendly application. By combining Ceramir technology with glass ionomer technology, it offers material properties tailored specifically for Ceramir Crown and Bridge. Its gentle velocity facilitates easy restoration seating, while the gel phase, appearing after 2-3 minutes, allows effortless cement removal with just a simple peel-off, ensuring a pleasant experience for your patients. With excellent biocompatibility, Ceramir C&B minimizes the risk of gingival inflammation associated with resin-based products. 

Powered by Ceramir technology, this cement forms a secure seal with both the tooth and prosthetic construction during hardening. It further creates a hydroxyapatite layer on the material surface post-hardening, resembling the natural tooth structure, thereby reducing microleakage and sealing marginal gaps. The cement releases calcium ions during and after seating, fostering an alkaline environment ideal for hydroxyapatite formation. Ceramir Crown & Bridge solidifies under neutral to alkaline conditions, ensuring a stable marginal seal in the long term and diminishing post-operative sensitivity. 

Incorporating Ceramir technology cuts down both time and costs for clinicians, eliminating the need for pre-treatments or additional products, while guaranteeing a reliable procedure every single time.  

” Its ability to self-seal, create apatite, and to fight off cavities...this bioactive material is the future of where we’re at in dentistry”.
 Dr. Todd C. Snyder

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