Ronni Brown, DDS, MPH,FADI

  • Public Health Dentist 
  • Author of A State of Decay: Your Dental Guide to Understanding and Treating Meth Mouth - CLICK HERE
  • Santa Rose, CA
Dr. Ronni Brown is a leader in dental public health who strives to achieve equitable oral health for vulnerable populations. She practices at the Sonoma County Main Adult Detention Facility in Northern California and treats patients whose lives and smiles have been impacted by poverty, substance abuse, and incarceration. Her research on the impacts of drug use patterns on caries severity has garnered international interest and positioned her as an expert on the oral effects of substance-use disorders. She is the author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller “ A State of Decay ”: Your Dental Guide to Understanding and Treating Meth Mouth and a contributing author to the National Institute of Health’s, Oral Health in America Report. She is a member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and the American Association of Public Health Dentistry. Dr. Brown is an enthusiastic user of Directa USA Products including Troll Foil and the P - series Luxators.

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“I love it when my patients have an 'aha' moment in the chair and make the connection between their oral health, systemic health, and behavior! I want my patients to feel empowered and be active participants in their health and well-being.” 

By Dr. Ronni Brown, DDS

Dr. Ronni Brown Presentations

Ronni Brown, DDS, MPH, FADI is a dentist, researcher, speaker, author, and a leader in dental public health with more than 25 years of experience developing strategic action plans and delivering high-quality dental care to at-risk populations impacted by incarceration, poverty, and substance-use disorders.
  • Breaking Bad and Breaking Through”: Managing and Treating Patients with “Meth Mouth  
  • Catching Up to Speed – Accelerating Your Understanding of “Meth Mouth 
  • Treating Between the Lines”: Understanding Rx and Illicit Drug Abuse
  • Pulp Fiction or Evidence-Based Dentistry? Transforming Your Practice with Science 
  • Responsibilities and Requirements of Prescribing Schedule II Opioid Drugs

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- Treating Between the Lines: Understanding Rx and Illicit Drub Abuse

-Catching Up to Speed: Accelerating Your Understanding of “Meth Mouth”

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Catching Up to Speed: Accelerating Your Understanding of “Meth Mouth”


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