Speaking of IPR: How Accurate are You? How safe is your patient?
Speaking of IPR: How Accurate are You? How safe is your patient? 

Interproximal reduction is a widely employed technique in orthodontics to address crowding issues, but it also serves to enhance tooth shape and diminish the presence of black triangles. Surprisingly, when executed correctly, the amount of interproximal reduction (IPR) needed may be less than initially anticipated. Armed with the right tools and techniques, practitioners can conduct IPR more precisely and safely, avoiding the creation of sharp corners or causing discomfort to the lips or gums.

Patients often express concerns about enamel reduction to their natural teeth, but once they witness the simplicity and speed of the procedure, coupled with the absence of discomfort, they tend to relax and place confidence in the practitioner.

ContacEZ IPR Strips present a user-friendly approach for performing IPR without the risk of creating sharp corners or subgingival ledges. These flexible diamond strips adapt to the natural contours of the teeth, ensuring optimal tactile control with their single-handed design. The central opening enhances visual perception, preventing over-reduction or harm to the patient.

See what your colleagues have to say!

- ContacEZ IPR Strips are very easy to use and gentle to patients; patients feel comfortable in accepting IPR Strips for their treatment. Dr. Denise Hering, Reynoldsburg, OH

- I love your products! ContacEZ has made interproximal stripping safer for myself, my staff, and my patients! Dr. Susan Chen, Sammamish,

- It is convenient for orthodontists to create space. ContacEZ is easy to use because the space between [the handle and the strip] is easy to look through. Dr. Susan Friedman, New York, NY 

- Performing IPR is no longer drudgery. Full control and the ability to quickly establish the necessary reduction when doing Invisalign cases is greatly enhanced when using your strips. They are very user and patient friendly. Dr. Curtis Chan, San Diego, CA 

- We love ContacEZ! This is a fabulous product we use on a daily basis in our practice. From general dentistry to orthodontics, it is a must-have for every dental office. Drs. Vivian de la Carmara and Luis Rodriguez, Apple Dental Group, Miami Springs, FL

- Thanks for such a great invention, you've changed my life! Dr. Janette Carroll, Mt. Vernon, WA

- I love your strips; I will never stop using them! Dr. Jessica Saepoff, Issaquah, WA 

- I use ContacEZ strips for IPR for Invisalign treatment and to remove excess interproximal cement. They are excellent. Dr. Stephen Young, Richmond, VA

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